European Automotive Service / Repair

At VAST Performance, every car is treated like it is one of our own and every customer like they are family

Peace of Mind

Along with being ASE Master Certified, the technicians at VAST have 13+ years of experience with European vehicles. Their backgrounds range from service foreman at a dealership to electrical engineer for Audi. We are enthusiasts that enjoy learning about new platforms and look for ways to improve those vehicles and our processes.

Supertech Valve Train


Whether you are looking to replace your squeaking/grinding factory brakes with quality parts or take the next step up to bigger, more aggressive brakes, we can provide multiple options to fit your needs and budget!

Audi RS7 Brakes


The quality of the mount and balance of your tires play such an important role in your driving experience. With that it mind, we decided only the absolute best in equipment for mounting and Road Force balancing would suffice. Whether you just want perfectly balanced tires for the street, Bead-lock drag radials, or super sticky track tires, we have you covered.

Hunter Revolution


Living in Michigan, with the roads we have here, most cars that come in need suspension work. Whether you need new control arms, bushings, tie-rods or are looking to step up to a custom coil-over set-up, VAST has you covered with quality options.

BMW Suspension

Chassis Alignments

With the very best equipment on the market and experience performing alignments to factory specs all the way through custom track set-ups for drag racing or road c, there is a reason so many people tell us they had now idea their car could drive so well!

Hunter Hawkeye Elite


We perform any and all engine work at VAST Performance. Everything from an oil change, to a water pump, to an engine out timing job or full on performance engine build is completed in house.

B6 Audi S4 Timing Chain


We are enthusiasts at heart and are constantly pushing the boundaries on our own vehicles. Our reputation at VAST was built in part by hundreds of engine builds over the years that have been everything from mild, dependable daily drivers all the way through very custom, twin turbo stroker motors that are pushing 1000hp.

Build Audi Motor