Who We Are

"How you do anything is how you do everything" ~ Jim Rohn 

At VAST, we've taken that philosophy and applied it to every aspect of what we do. It doesn't matter if we are developing a custom tune on a high end super car or performing an oil change on a 15 year old family commuter. Every vehicle is treated as if it were one of our own and every customer is treated like family.

The Team

Zach, President

He has been married for over 10 years and has 5 kids who all enjoy coming in to occasionally "help" their dad at work.

Zach went to school for auto body repair where he learned to weld and fabricate. Right out of school he spent a good number of years practicing those skills and machining for many different applications. Zach elevated VAST Performance's fabrication department, which allowed him to gain a huge amount of experience with performance manifold, intake and exhaust development. Later on, but soon to return, he transitioned into construction management where he built a successful career in commercial and residential excavating & foundations.


After a few years in construction, the draw back into the European automotive performance world placed Zach and VAST Performance's original founder, Mike, together in 2016 to lay the groundwork for the relaunch of VAST. Zach took over full ownership of VAST and built it into what it is today.




Dewey, Fabrication & Tuning Support Technician

Dewey has worked with the facility over the years and rejoined the team in 2021. He brings a wide breadth of knowledge from the off-road world and Audi community as well as skills in MIG/TIG welding for custom engine and exhaust systems. Another unique aspect with Dewey is in his vehicle data acquisition and flash tuning support to prioritize and help optimize the rigorous tuning process we adhere to when customizing a vehicle engine or transmission software flash to a vehicle's build status. In his time away from work, he loves to spend time in his new marriage and dogs and enjoys cycling and not eating spicy food.

Nate, Technician

Nate has joined Vast with a background in finance and BMW enthusiasm. We're happy to have him show us how skilled he is in VAST's repair process and  he has adjusted well to our group. He began building engines in his high school days when he built a MK4 VW Jetta engine. Afterwards, he owned a Subaru WRX with a built motor and many modifications, which lasted him many years. He currently owns a heavily modified, N54 BMW 335i with a single turbo system. 


Mike, Tuning & Customer Technical Consultant

Mike was the original founder of VAST in the early 2005, but has since focused on tuning, product and customer development. He started working on vehicles in 1996 at independent automotive facilities and absolutely fell in love with the Audi brand. In 2001 he purchased a brand new biturbo Audi S4 with a vision to exclusively work on Audi models and perfect anything from general maintenance, reliability improvements all the way through customized performance builds. He hit the ground running to instantly develop the acquired platform and in 2003, Mike earned his Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering and currently works on our Bosch and Continental engine and transmission control unit calibrations found mainly in Audi, BMW and Mercedes vehicles.  In 2012, he left VAST to get back into engineering, technical product launch and market quality tasks for Audi of America. In 2016, he then collaborated with Zach, current president and owner, to structure VAST into what it is today.