Summer of 2021:

We had the pleasure of sending a car to Phoenix, Arizona in the dead heat of summer to build and perform some hot weather testing on 91 octane and E50 Ethanol fuel. Ambient air above the road for testing was in excess of 120 degF in the evening. That's no joke! Having an E50 Ethanol blend percentage easily at the pump in AZ is pretty awesome. 


After all of the work, we'd then send the car back to Michigan for a more mild climate calibration finalization on 93 octane and Ethanol blending, cold start testing, etc. Afterwards, we'd then perform an RS5 engine converison with full E85 on our custom billet intake manifolds and port fuel injection with customized MOTIV fuel controller tailored to the B9. 


First off, the car came from Michigan with: 

-Stock Turbo

-Full custom VAST Turbo back exhaust (3.5" downpipe to dual 3" exhaust system on Spintech mufflers)

-Wagner Front Mount Intercooler

-P30 Gauge System

-VAST Stage 2 ECU & TCU Software

-Open element intake with high flow cast aluminum intake pipe to turbo


What we're installing in AZ and testing:

-Audi RS5 injectors with our custom remapping to accept this and various blends of fuel.

-VIS & APR HPFPs for swapping on tune and reliability testing

-Pure 700 hybrid turbocharger (Now renamed the 750? I can't keep up with all of the renaming of parts)


The vehicle, 2018 Audi S5 with about 34k miles: 


The Turbocharger & Comparison to Stock: